If you like this borderset, it's free to use on your homepage. The only thing you
have to do is right click on the background and choose "save  background as..." .
To copy the buttons and bars, right click and choose "save image as...".

If you have a Mac; click on the graphic or background and hold until a menu appears,
then click on "Save image as", go to the directory you want, and click on "save".

The only thing I ask is to put my logo on your page, with a link back to this page



berpupwelc.gif (24444 bytes)

berpupline.jpg (2545 bytes)

berpuphome.gif (4670 bytes)    berpupback.gif (4695 bytes)    berpupnext.gif (4689 bytes)

berpuplinks.gif (4641 bytes)    berpupawards.gif (4939 bytes)    berpupbanners.gif (4879 bytes)

berpuppedigr.gif (5040 bytes)    berpupphoto.gif (4884 bytes)    berpupwebri.gif (5218 bytes)

berpuprainbow.gif (5465 bytes)    berpupmail.gif (4534 bytes)    berpupfriends.gif (4845 bytes)

berpupsign.gif (5510 bytes)    berpupview.gif (5480 bytes)    berpupblanco.gif (3870 bytes)

berpupban.gif (4998 bytes)

berpupline1.gif (1376 bytes)

berpuphome.gif (4670 bytes)      berpupback.gif (4695 bytes)      berpupnext.gif (4689 bytes)